Keynote: Marta Novakova

4 Apr 2019 11:15h - 11:30h

Event report

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Ms Marta Novakova (Minister of Industry and Trade, the Czech Republic) said that for the current Czech government, digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are key to their future plans. The digitalisation strategy is one of the most important elements of the country’s economy. The Czech Republic is one of the best evaluated countries in the European Union when it comes to broadband. The Digital Czech Republic program has been approved by the government in 2018, and focuses on e-government, digital economy and digital society, as well as investments, intensive research, and high-tech production and services. The ministry is focused on promoting and improving the digital innovation HUB network, including emerging technologies, such as blockchain, which are becoming an important part of the digital economy. The digital strategy also includes plans for AI. The AI national strategy will be presented to the government in April 2019. The main aim for the Czech Republic is to increase added value of innovative roles in the industry, while supporting entrepreneurs in mastering challenges, creating opportunities, and strengthening innovative competences.

Novakova noted that engineers, analysts, and programmers will need to look beyond their field to cross-cut dimensions and solutions. There will be need for skilled workers for information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially in active usage of social media and the Internet overall. She emphasised the importance of increasing creative approaches in solving existing challenges. She concluded by saying that the Czech Republic is looking forward to sharing its experiences with the Western Balkan economies.


By Aida Mahmutović