The growth of the video games industry in Serbia

4 Apr 2019 15:00h - 15:15h

Event report

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Mr Nikola Čavić (Serbian Game Association) noted that the number of gamers around the world today is around 2.5 billion, and is still increasing. Čavić noted that Serbia has a critical mass of talent, knowledge, and resources to position itself in the centre of excellence and creativity in the gaming industry. Only five years ago, this industry was at the low point, however, so far in 2019 there have been dozens of successful gaming companies. Quality, diversity, and supply of talent in Serbia resulted in UBISOFT opening one of its main offices and is looking into scaling the number of employees. E-sports is the fastest growing segment in the gaming industry.

For example, thousands of people are nowadays watching gaming tournaments in Belgrade. The Serbian Games Association celebrated its first birthday in March 2019. According to their experience, the community in Serbia is thriving and vibrating. It is evident at regular meet-ups, workshops, and networking events which bring together academia, investors, game designers, as well as all other relevant stakeholders. He concluded by saying that the gaming industry is laying a foundation for new business to shape the economy in Serbia.


By Aida Mahmutović