IGF youth Initiatives

21 Dec 2017 08:30h - 09:00h

Event report

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This was a short open meeting on IGF Youth Initiatives and all interested stakeholders, with the IGF Secretariat to address matters related to the Youth engagement at the IGF and ways for improvements. Ms Anja Gengo, IGF Segretariat, who moderated the session, noted the four different models of the engagement of the IGF; national and regional IGF, independently organised initiatives and capacity building. She posed questions based on the level of involvement of the Youth in the IGF and to obtain the view of the IGF Secretariat from the standpoint of the Youth.

The issues considered stemmed from joining the IGF Secretariat, training initiatives, the challenges faced by newcomers, mentorship programmes and the solutions to these issues were also considered. In addition, discussions in the open meeting addressed how the IGF Secretariat can help Youth in achieving the objectives. The meeting concluded with noting that the 2018 objectives for the IGF should be compiled by the end of January 2018 and a follow-up meeting.

By Natoya Cassius