Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA) – General assembly

5 Dec 2016 14:00h - 16:00h

Event report

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The meeting started with a review of what had been done since the last General Assembly (GA) and the election of members of the executive committee. The following items were on the GA’s agenda: approval of the record of the previous GA; adoption of the financial report; modification of Articles of Association; discharge of the activity of the executive committee; elections for a new executive committee; and approval of the budget, based upon recommendations made by the executive committee.

Mr Markus Kummer, secretary of the association, stated that the records of the previous GA were approved by the executive committee and were pending approval by the GA. As no comments were received, the records were deemed approved.

The annual report covering the IGFSA’s activities between the second GA held in João PessoaBrazil, in November 2015, until the third GA in Guadalajara, Mexico was presented. It was noted that in 2016, 13 new individual members and 2 organisational members joined the association, bringing the total to 128 individual members and 16 organisational members, from 50 nations, representing all stakeholder groups.

IGFSA members were informed that a total of about 500 000USD$ has been raised by the association  since its inception. For 2016, the expenditures of the association included: support for national and regional IGF initiatives (NRIs); contributions to the IGF Trust Fund, administered by the United Nations; outreach and communications activities; and operations of the IGFSA Secretariat. It was explained that the executive committee adjusted the allocation of funds agreed at the 2015 GA: contributions to the UN-IGF Trust Fund  – 40% of funds received; and support for NRIs – 45% of funds received. Eight regional and sub-regional IGF initiatives were approved to receive 3500US$ each, while 20 National IGF received 2000US$ each. The IGFSA also allocated funds to sponsor the participation of several NRI representatives at the IGF 2016 meeting. In addition, the association provided fellowships to four members of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability to attend IGF 2016.  In terms of communications and outreach, the expenditures were related to activities aimed at promoting the association and its goals at events such as WSIS+10, ICANN meetings, and the WSIS Forum in 2016.

While appreciation was expressed for the administrative support offered to the association by the Internet Society, it was stated that the IGFSA is now ready to become independent and self-sufficient. The proposal was approved by the GA.

Article 5 (on membership) of the IGFSA’s Articles of Association was amended, in the sense that approval of membership by the executive committee is no longer required.

Several proposals were made during the meeting concerning the payment of dues, and it was agreed that the executive committee would consider those proposals and take a decision.

The meeting ended with the election of the executive committee and the approval of the association’s budget.

Foncham Denis Doh, Internet Society Cameroon