Digital Developments in September 2022

or Digital Retrospect of September 2022

For many years, every last week of the month, we have been providing you with a summary of the monthly digital developments. We used to have an online briefing followed by the publication of a newsletter.

As of this monthly summary, you will find a new approach that reflects changes in communication and suggestions from our followers.

In this and future monthly summaries you will find:

  • summary of three monthly trends
  • video summaries on main global and regional developments provided by experts and practitioners in the field of digital diplomacy
  • DW Monthly Newsletters

You can also leave your impression and comments on the month in retrospect (to open comments).

September 2022

Three main digital developments in September 2022

Three main digital developments in September 2022

A Digital September from Various Perspectives

video recordings: we will shift more towards video-recordings by having chat with DiploTeam and inviting other experts to give us their summary of the month (maximum 3 minutes) – in this way we can engage others and ‘democratise’ monthly briefings.

Chat with Diplo Team (this youtube is just place-holder)

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DW Newsletter for September

Here summary of newsletter with links or full newsletter