United Nations Environment Management Group


Acronym: UNEMG

Established: 2001

Address: EMG Secretariat, International Environment House, 1 11-13 Chemin des Anémones 1219 Châtelaine Geneva, Switzerland

Website: https://unemg.org/

The United Nations (UN) Environment Management Group (EMG), established in 2001, is a coordination body on environment and human settlements. The EMG consists of 51 specialised agencies, programmes and organs of the United Nations, including secretariats of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements. The Secretariat is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

EMG has established an increasing number of initiatives in order to tackle the e-waste challenges, which has a striking impact, primarily on developing countries since much of the toxic material is exported from developed to developing states. E-waste is mostly tackled by the Inter-Agency Issue Management Group on Tackling E-waste, established in 2016 by EMG. In 2017, the Issue Management Group published the report ‘United Nation’s System-wide Response to Tackling E-waste’, highlighting the importance of coordination and collaboration among EU entities in addressing the growing problem of e-waste.