European Committee for Standardization

Acronym: CEN

Established: 1961

Address: Avenue Marnix 17 - B-1000 Brussels, Belgium


The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is an association of national standardization bodies of 34 European countries. 

CEN functions as a platform for the development of European standards in various sectors, such as consumer products, defence and security, information and communication technologies (ICT), machinery, smart living, etc. The association has more than 320 technical committees that work on producing state-of-the-art standards for products, services, processes, and systems. 

CEN’s work in the ICT sector spans across three major areas:

  • e-business ( there are several technical committees focused on issues such as: personal identification, electronic signature and cards, health informatics, electronic invoicing, geographic information, etc.);
  • e-education (two CEN technical committees deal with ICT for learning, education and training, and professions for ICT); and
  • RFID.