26 Sep 2023

Holy See addresses the digital revolution at UNGA78: Ethical reflections on AI and urgent climate action

The Holy See’s representative called for urgent ethical considerations in AI integration, advocated for international oversight of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, and underscored the need for technology to combat climate change.

26 Sep 2023

MIT’s breakthrough Fluxonium Qubit architecture paves the way for ultra-precise quantum computing

MIT researchers are pushing the boundaries of quantum computing with their groundbreaking fluxonium qubit architecture. Achieving over 99.9% accuracy in two-qubit gates and over 99.99% accuracy in single-qubit gates, this innovation is a game-changer for quantum error correction.

26 Sep 2023

Judge orders jury trial in Thomson Reuters vs. Ross Intelligence AI copyright battle

Delaware judge rules in favor of a jury trial for Thomson Reuters vs. Ross Intelligence copyright dispute. This case could set a precedent for AI and copyright issues.

26 Sep 2023

Hong Kong acts against unregulated cryptocurrency trading platforms

The Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong plans to publish a list of licensed and unlicensed virtual asset trading platforms (VATPs) to help the public identify potentially unregulated platforms

26 Sep 2023

Universities stop using AI detection tools such as Turnitin

Vanderbilt University has decided to disable the AI detection tool provided by Turnitin due to concerns about its reliability and potential false positives. The tool was launched without providing detailed information on how it detects AI writing. Other companies offering AI detectors have either changed their business models or closed down. Instructors are advised to communicate with students about AI usage, establish guidelines, and consider revising assignments. They can look for inconsistencies in writing style and inaccuracies in sources to determine if a submitted text is AI-generated. AI tools are expected to become more prevalent, and resources are available to help instructors incorporate AI in teaching.

26 Sep 2023

OpenAI’s ChatGPT gets more human-like with new voice and image features

Five different voices are available to users to choose from to personalize the chatbot. ChatGPT can also process images and answer questions based on them. Over the next two weeks, the new functionalities will be first available to Plus and Enterprise paying members, with other groups to follow later.

26 Sep 2023

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stresses necessity of AI regulation

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, highlights the importance of AI regulation in a rapidly evolving landscape. While acknowledging the possibility of regulatory missteps, Altman emphasizes the need to address both over and under-regulation for powerful AI systems.

26 Sep 2023

US public supports stricter AI regulation and accountability for tech companies

A new poll commissioned by the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute (AIPI) and conducted by YouGov reveals that the majority of American voters want to reduce access to AI to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The poll also indicates a strong public desire for stricter AI regulation, accountability for tech companies, transparency in AI use in political advertisements, proactive measures to mitigate potential risks, and restrictions on Chinese companies’ access to AI technology.

26 Sep 2023

California Governor rejects bill requiring human drivers in autonomous trucks

The victory for the autonomous trucking industry comes after Assembly Bill 316 passed in mid-September with a majority in California’s legislature.

25 Sep 2023

New Zealand’s call for responsible technology governance at UNGA78

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister’s address at the UN General Assembly underscored the importance of responsible governance in the face of technological advancements and digital challenges. Their call for international cooperation and norms reflects a commitment to maintaining global security and ensuring the safe and responsible use of emerging technologies.