The European Commission orders recall of children’s smartwatch

1 Feb 2019

Enox Safe-Kid-One a children's wristwatch that allows the wearer to be easily contacted and located has been recalled by European Commission over concerns of safety and privacy.The device has a global positioning system (GPS), a microphone and speaker and is designed to allow parents to track the location of the children wearing it and contact them through an accompanying app. According to the commission’s alert, the communication system of the watch is unencrypted, which enables access to the data stored in the watch (e.g. location, phone numbers). Therefore, it is possible for hackers to send commands to the watch, to communicate with the child wearing the watch or locate the child.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) includes a wide range of Internet-connected devices, from highly digitalised cars, home appliances (e.g. fridges), and smart watches, to digitalised clothes that can monitor health. IoT devices are often connected in wide-systems, typically described as 'smart houses' or 'smart cities'.

Privacy and data protection are two interrelated Internet governance issues. Data protection is a legal mechanism that ensures privacy. Privacy is usually defined as the right of any citizen to control their own personal information and to decide about it (to disclose information or not). Privacy is a fundamental human right. It is recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in many other international and regional human rights conventions. The July 2015 appointment of the first UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age reflects the rising importance of privacy in global digital policy, and the recognition of the need to address privacy rights issues the the global, as well as national levels.

Children’s use of the Internet and mobile technology is increasing, and for many children worldwide there is no clear distinction between the online and offline world. Access to the Internet presents many opportunities for their education, personal development, self-expression, and interaction with others.


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