The Age of Digital Interdependence: How digital cooperation can contribute to the SDGs?

The UN High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation published a report on The Age of Digital Interdependence which addresses possible ways for technology to help achieve the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It tackles the question of ‘digital cooperation’ and how it could contribute to sustainable development goals (SGDs) through cooperating on the social, economic, ethical, and legal levels to maximise the benefits of technologies and reduce its risks. The report invites different stakeholders to commit to a Declaration of Digital Independence which emphasises that ‘humanity is still in the foothills of the digital age.’ It further pinpoints some of the risks faced by mankind including dangerous adventurism among states, exploitative behaviour by companies, regulation that stifles innovation and trade, and an unforgivable failure to realise vast potential for advancing human development. To this aim, the declaration calls upon the stakeholders to collaborate to fulfill digital development. At the end, the report provides some recommendations on key areas including an inclusive digital economy and society, human and institutional capacity, human rights and human agency, global digital cooperation, and trust, security and stability.