The EU Data Act: MEPs support new rules for fair access and use of industrial data

The EU MEPs adopted the draft data act, which provides measures to allow users to gain access to the data they generate, as 80% of industrial data are never used, according to EU institutions.

The Industry, Research and Energy Committee of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) adopted the draft ‘Data Act’, which aims to increase innovation by removing barriers that prevent access to data for consumers and businesses. The act provides measures to allow users to access the data they generate, as a large proportion of industrial data currently goes unused.

The proposed act will establish rules for sharing data generated by connected products or services, which is crucial for innovation in the private and public sectors, especially in artificial intelligence. The legislation also prioritizes contractual agreements in business-to-business relations, rebalancing negotiation power in favour of SMEs and protecting trade secrets. The full House will vote on the proposed act during the March 13-16 plenary session.