GSMA and Mozilla have launched a report entitled Mobile for Development Impact. The report mainly addresses the need for digital literacy in the creation of local content, which could accelerate development by answering to the absence of 'entire languages, cultures and regions'. The improvement of digital skills would therefore enable users to be content creators across emerging markets.

In a move seen as a response to China's strict rules about online access to free flow of information in China, Apple apparently has deactivated its mobile news app. Travelers to China who use the app in other countries (e.g. the USA) find that it does not work in China.

A set of non-binding recommendations was the output of discussions that took place as part of the ITU Regional Initiative for Europe on Ensuring Access to Telecommunications/ICT, in Particular for Persons with Disabilities, at a regional conference: 'The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in the Development of Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities' was held 8-9 October 2015, in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. 

Facebook has reached a deal with Eutelsat - a French satellite company - to partner in the transmission Internet connections through Facebook's Internet.org initiative. 

Multilingualism is finding a bridge between the real and online worlds as a 22-member panel working with ICANN and led by a language technology expert from Pakistan 'help the non-English speaking population in India access web addresses in their local scripts', reducing barriers to access. Read the complete article.

Internet users in general find autoplay videos and shiny dynamic advertising to be annoying. For persons with disabilities (e.g. deaf, blind or epileptic), these can go beyond annoyance, making some websites inaccessible. The Guardian's article How ad-blocking software could revolutionise disabled people’s lives explains more about the problems faced, and some possible solutions.



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