A new report by Common Sense Media demonstrates a digital divide between teenagers in the U.S. from low-income households and those from middle and high-income households. Teens from lower-income families often have less reliable access to the Internet and do not always own their own devices, which can have significant disadvantages for their education.

During the Universal Periodic Review of the U.N. Human Rights Council, several countries have called on Nauru to its lift restrictions on the Internet. The country has blocked access to several websites, a move - according to the detractors - 'to prevent criticsm and free speech, and stop refugees and asylum seekers from communicating their plight to the outside world.'  Nauru's government says the restrictions are motivated 'in efforts to protect citizens from abuse, harassment and bullying'.   

GSMA has published a new report, entitled The Mobile Economy: North America 2015. The report was presented during the GSMA Mobile 360 Series - North America (27-29 October) and describes the continent's mobile industry as 'the strongest performing of any developed region for some time' and a leader in 'innovations in all areas of the mobile ecosystem'. 

Facebook's Internet.org initiative is receiving both growing attention and controversy in India. A day after CEO Mark Zuckerberg's visit to the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, savetheinternet.in has published an open letter, claiming that 'it is a matter of distress that Facebook...has sought to undermine Net Neutrality in India'. In his defense, Zuckerberg emphasises that Internet.org is 'an open platform that any developer can build something for, regardless of who they are, as long as they follow the basic rules of what Internet.org is.'.

Google has partnered with Indonesian ISPs to address the country's Internet infrastructure challenges - only 29% of the population has access to the Internet - with its 'Project Loon' balloons. Google will test the balloons over the coming twelve months in order to ultimately develop a commercial product. The company has already started similar initiatives in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka (Source: The Guardian).

The Disability-smart Awards were announced on Wednesday 28 October at an event  in London. The Business Disability Forum (BDF), awards are given to companies that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to employing, working with and doing business with disabled people, in 13 different areas. Of particular interest is the ICT award, given to Barclays.



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