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Cornell University announced the launch of a new online learning programme called WebSeries, which consists of one-hour long lectures by Cornell faculty on their research. In doing so, the university strives ‘to stay in step with the Internet’s promotion of educational opportunities’ and provide an ‘easy, bite-sized sampler of experts and topics’.

In a recent CIPD blog, Paul Morgan, head of Learning and Development (L&D) at O2/ Telefónica, outlines some key points on the future of learning in the L&D sector of for-profit businesses. CIPD is a UK company focusing on human resources and professional development. 

In a Times Higher Education blog, Kerri Morgan of New Zealand’s Massey University argues that higher-education needs to embrace online learning and in doing so can work towards a better and more just future.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) announced that it will launch a Career Development Center, an online learning platform for members that aims to advance science, engineering and innovation. The AAAS is working with the e-learning company Scitent.

A study from the Georgia Institute of Technology finds that digital technology does not narrow the gap between children from poor and rich families when it comes to education. Parents of lower income families are less likely to seek out and use free online learning tools. 

The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning announced that it now accepts applications for grant proposals for innovative educators in blended and online learning programmes through their Teacher Grant Program. The deadline for application, focusing on teachers and guidance counsellors in K-12 US schools, is June 15.



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