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In an interesting piece of online education news, PC Magazine's William Fenton says 'I'm hopeful that online education will grow smaller, smarter, and more social in the years ahead.'  Fenton's article: 'Online Education: The Year Ahead' analyses different studies and learning management systems, emphasising the value of smaller classes and dynamic interaction between participants and facilitators.

In 2009, the US Department of Education already knew that blended learning was an improvement over traditional classroom learning. Now new studies show that massive open online courses (MOOCs) are not the answer either. Rather, a combination of online learning in smaller groups, and linked to brick-and-mortar universities.  PC Magazine explains this new trend as a combination of scaling down and smartening up.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, well-known for offering its course materials for free access online, has now taken a step toward accrediting that coursework (for a small fee), as a MITx MicroMaster’s credential in Supply Chain Management, which can be completed as a full Master with an additional semester of study on campus, according to a blog post in Supply Chain Management Review: MIT Starts a New Chapter in Online and Professional Education and MIT News FAQs on MIT’s new path to a master’s degree.

25 Sep 2015 | Online Education

According to Dr Aziza Ragai Ellozy, ' ... distance eLearning provision remains an imperative if we are not to be left behind because of educational systems that remain rooted in outdated traditional formats' in Online learning needs a well-trained faculty For Africa and the ‘Global South’.

UC Berkely's Haas School of Business and a Saudi businessman have launched a free online education program, which will be open for clases in seven topics later in September. The founder, Amr Al-Dabbagh hopes the new skills in fundraising, non-rofit organisation and leadership, will allow learners to help others in their own communities.

Cognitive scientists are exploring the benefits of multilingualism at the same time Duolingo receives INDEX award recognition from the Danish organization INDEX: Design to Improve LIfe, as a new way to learn languages on a free mobile and web application. Duolingo: Learn a language for free.



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