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14 Oct 2015 | Amazon employees

Following a highly critical New York Times article on the working environment of Amazon's corporate offices, the company has announced that it is expanding its "Amazon Connection" programme, beyond its factory workers, to its white-collar employees. The employee feedback programme requires employees to respond to daily questions on job satisfaction, leadership opportunities and other similar topics. The data is then aggregated by dedicated teams of employees and then anonymised. This article explores how this is evidence that Amazon is starting to treat its white-collar workers in the same way as laborers and questions whether the feedback of all employees will be treated equally.

An article in Lexology, 'The role of the Data Protection Officer in Europe' describes the current and future roles of the EU Data Protection Officer (DPO) and how will be affected by the upcoming publication of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

4 Oct 2015 | Uber 29 sep

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity finds that Uber drivers are not employees. Decision comes after Uber appealed original decision where the agency ruled that drivers were employees.

10 Sep 2015 | Labour Law 1 12/09

California Employment Development Department, in line with previous court decisions, determined that drivers for the ride-hailing giant Uber are not independent contractors (as the company claims), but employees, entitled to receiving related benefits. 



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