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According to The Daily Dot 'The French Parliament is halfway to approving major and controversial new government surveillance powers that mirror those of the NSA.' The lower house (parliament) passed the bill on 01 October, and the upper house (senate) will consider the law on 08 October.

In another landmark judgment by the European Court of Justice, companies ‘operating’ in a country, even if it is headquartered elsewhere, can be held accountable by the data protection authority in that country. The ECJ ruled that Slovakian property site Weltimmo could be fined by the Hungarian authority for infringing Hungarian data protection rules.

29 Sep 2015 | Privacy/health data

According to Medscape, Mobile Health Apps Fall Short in Protecting Data Privacy, citing a study published September 7 in BMC Medicine. Although the study is small, the suggestion is that the privacy problem is widespread.

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves suggests future challenge of the cloud data will be more about integrity than confidentiality, especially in light of emerging public and e-government services.

Access Now has published a blog post explaining 'Five things you should know about the EU-US Umbrella Agreement' giving an analysis of the not-yet-published agreement, based on a draft provided by 'friends at Statewatch'.

According to Yves Bot, an advocate general for the European Court of Justice, a 'deal easing the transfer of data between the United States and the EU is invalid ... dealing a blow to a system used by Facebook, Google and thousands of other companies.' The same opinion stated 'the surveillance carried out by the United States is mass, indiscriminate surveillance'. The opinion of the Advocate General is available here.



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