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Moderator Mr Miguel Ignacio Estrada from the Ministerio de Modernizacion of Argentina, opened the session by speaking about the importance of discussing and supporting the work being done by organisations in the Latin-American region.

He gave the floor to Lorrayne Porciuncula, Policy Analyst at OECD who talked about the OECD - Broadband Policies for LAC: A Digital Economy Toolkit. This project included an analysis of public policies on the Internet and how the digital economy is growing in the region. A comparative between this information and the situation of the OECD countries was also completed. This toolkit identifies the situation of each country, including trends and good practices on Internet regulation. Porciuncula also emphasised that the region is developing very quickly and that we must join efforts to make the digital economy more inclusive.

The moderator then opened the session to presentations from various regional organisations: Andrés Piazza from LACTLD, Ernesto Baco from LACNIC, a representative of ASIET, Sebastian Bellagamba from Internet Society, Angélica Contreras from Youth Observatory on Internet Governance, an IETF representative, Carlos Martínez from LACNIC, and a CABASE representative who mentioned the importance of .lat domains.

Participants then mentioned the sessions that they will host during the week, most of which will focus on cooperation between organisations in the region. The possibility of collaborating on projects to expand the reach of the Internet and narrow the digital divide was also discussed. The sessions can be consulted here.

by Carlos Guerrero Argote, Observatorio de la Juventud

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