Fostering Local Internet Governance: Inclusion and Openness (Lighting Session)

Session: IGF New Session Format

8 Dec 2016 - 14:00 to 14:15



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Mr Haces-Aviña, Prospective & Regulation Manager, NIC Mexico, started with some warm up questions for the audience and a presentation of the credentials of his organisation, NIC México. He mentioned that their duties include contributing to a resilient, secure, globally interoperable Internet and serving the community in a neutral, equitable, just, honest and competent way. He emphasised that their focus goes beyond solely the technical responsibility: it is about committing to serve. As an organisation, they acknowledge some implicit obligations such as promoting and strengthening multistakeholder governance and getting more people involved and included in the Internet. In summary, Haces-Aviña said, Nic Mexico is committed to “build a better Internet”. He finished his presentation by offering the audience some tips on getting involved in the Internet community. 

by Agustina Callegari, Internet Society Youth Obsevatory


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