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[Read more session reports and updates from the 14th Internet Governance Forum]

The Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technologies is continuing its work on developing best practices and proposing solutions for future blockchain governance, as well as for issues related to Internet governance and to distributed ledger technology. Blockchain governance was the focus of this session: Particularly how the Dynamic Coalition can improve efforts in regulating this emerging technology. The Dynamic Coalition engages with actors from the IGF arena and offers ways to get involved in blockchain governance.

At the beginning of the session, the moderator, Ms Carla L. Reyes (Michigan State University College of Law & Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University), invited participants to join a breakout discussion on specific topics. The first topic dealt with legal frameworks for distributed ledger systems. The second was about possible tools and solutions to address blockchain governance issues. All of the participants were asked to imagine and to discuss possible future steps for these issues. Breakout groups then evaluated the proposed options with criteria presented by the Dynamic Coalition.

At the end, the participants tried to summarise the ideas from the breakout sessions. The first group suggested mapping specific procedures that companies use for data collection. This would map how companies process data as well as their awareness of the importance of data sovereignty. Decisions on who controls data should be in the hands of users: Through blockchain technology this can be done efficiently.

The last group emphasised the importance of helping policymakers understand the challenges with this technology. The Dynamic Coalition can help to create an environment for well-informed policies and for a strong regulatory framework. Future regulations should focus on data privacy and data control.

The Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Technology will utilise the input it received from the session in its substantive work.

By Arvin Kamberi