Digitising European industry: Reaping the full benefits of a Digital Single Market

19 Apr 2016


Policy Reports

The European Commission communicates on the topic of digitising the European industry and reaping full benefits of a digital single market. They contextualize this within a new industrial revolution, led by ‘new generations of digital technologies such as big data’, 5G, cloud computing and more. These advanced digital technologies are presenting opportunities for all sectors, particularly manufacturing and services. Furthermore, the document presents the Digital Single Market (DSM) as ‘prerequisite for attracting investment in digital innovations and for faster business growth in the digital economy’. A successful DSM depends on ‘a highly competitive digital industry in Europe and the integration of digital innovations in all sectors’, and can be achieved through the DMS strategy, ‘containing all the major levers for improving industry digitisation’. The document presents an overview of the challenges and needs for seizing digital opportunities, and ‘introduces a set of coherent policy measures as part of a DSM technologies and public services modernisation package’, with three additional communications. The policy measures are meant to work as public policy ‘to reinforce the EU’s competitiveness in digital technologies and to ensure that every industry in Europe […], can fully benefit from digital innovations’.