Assistance to indigenous peoples and communities through information and communication technology

1 Jan 2010


Resolution 46, in regards to assistance to indigenous peoples and communities through ICT, emphasizes the use of ICT ‘to bridge the digital divide and create an inclusive information society’. Further, the resolution manifests goals of achieving ‘digital inclusion, enabling universal, sustainable, ubiquitous and affordable access to ICTs’ for indigenous people. The document builds on previous declarations, resolutions and recommendations, such as Article 16 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, WSIS Geneva Plan of Action, the Tunis Commitment, and the WSIS+10 Statement on implementation of the WSIS outcomes. Through this, it focuses on the use of ICT to ensure development and sustainability of indigenous peoples, training of indigenous technicians, and other capacity-building and training programmes. The document provides instructions for the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau, requests for the Secretary-General, and invites for UN member states.