Regional updates: Latin America

What were the main digital policy regional updates in Latin America? This space brings you the main updates month by month, summarised by the observatory's curators.

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July 2018

Curated by Cláudio Lucena

Brazil has a Data Protection Law

24 Jul 2018 |  Cybercrime

Colombia has passed national law approving the country’s accession to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. The bill was signed into Law July 24. Colombia had already incorporated cybercrime provisions in its criminal code since 2009, but the Presidency considers the Convention the best tool for States in the fight against crime in digital environments. Authorities believe that the instrument has a relevant role in strengthening the national regulatory landmark concerning cybercrime. They have also stressed the importance of the network which will now be available 24/7 to ensure prompt and timely response and international cooperation. According to the country’s rules, the constitutional court still has to give its opinion or concept on the constitutionality of the law before it goes into full effect.

Facebook removes pages and accounts in Brazil

25 Jul 2018 |  Freedom of expression

On July 25 Facebook removed 196 pages and 87 profile accounts from its platform, most of them linked to MBL (Free Brasil Movement), a group that gained visibility after leading protests that resulted in the impeachment of former President Dilma Roussef. According to the company, the initiative was interconnected. It reached around 500 thousand followers and hid from the public the nature and origin of its content with the purpose of generating division and spreading disinformation. The movement contests the legality of the removal. They argue that the resources were used to inform and disseminate conservative and liberal ideas, and accuses Facebook of censorship. Federal Prosecutors in Brazil have requested Facebook to provide a list of the excluded resources, along with the justification and reasons for the removal.

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