2023 Digital Predictions – Email day before the event

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2023 Digital Predictions - Email day before the event 2

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for registering for the 2023 Digital Prediction webinar! Last week, I put out the 13th edition of my annual predictions about how digital governance will work in 2023. You can consult a 2 minute summary and full analysis about 12 digital trends and predictions for 2023.

The 2023 Digital Predictions webinar has triggered a vibrant discussion which we will contine tomorrow (12 January). The webinar conversation on ‘digital 2023’ will be kicked off with reflections by our panelists:

Wolfgang Kleinwachter, professor of internet governance, will share his take on what to expect in 2023;

Asoke Mukerji, professor of diplomacy and former Indian ambassador, will reflect on the significant role India will play in digital 2023 as host of two important processes, the G20 and the Shanghai Cooperation Council;

Katherine Getao, a leading cybersecurity expert from Kenya, will tell us about digital/cyber trends in Africa;

Richard Werly, Blik EU correspondent, will reflect on the EU’s digital dynamics;

Marilia Maciel, internet governance expert from Brazil, will speak about Brazil’s ‘return’ to global digital politics and IBSA digital momentum;

Rodney Taylor, Secretary-General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, will bring us digital governance perspectives from the Caribbean region and small island states.

The prediction webinar will last one hour (13:00–14:00 UTC), followed by 30-minute OPTIONAL breakout sessions with panellists who will dive deeper into specific aspects of digital governance in 2023. 

I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and other occasions in 2023!

With best regards,