Geneva Digital Watch newsletter

Digital Watch newsletter – Issue 63 – October 2021

During this year’s annual debate of the UN General Assembly, digital issues were mentioned much less (albeit still mentioned). Over 130 countries have agreed to the OECD’s global rules for taxing the digital economy. The new Trade and Technology Council has turned a page in the US-EU partnership... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter – Issue 62 – September 2021

Issue 62, September 2021: The Taliban is rising on social media. Apple’s plans to keep children safe from online abuse are already on hold: Are the new measures too high a price? Governments continue to hit Big Tech with lawsuits: Our new database rounds them up. China is making a push for privacy... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter – Issue 61 – June 2021

Issue 61, June 2021: Cyber hits high politics, with four high-level summits all tackling cyber issues. Washington ramps up the fight on curbing the enormous power of Big Tech, with a package of new bills. After years of negotiations, over 130 countries reached an agreement on new global tax rules... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 60 - May 2021

Issue 60, May 2021: What’s trending, including Facebook’s decision to deplatform Trump (for two years), how ransomware attacks are getting nastier, and cryptocurrency’s rollercoaster ride. We also deep-dive into the Colonial Pipeline attack, the causes for bitcoin’s huge fluctuations, and the... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 59 - April 2021

Issue 59, April 2021: A look at the trending issues of the month, including new legislative proposals to regulate AI systems, the data breaches on Facebook and LinkedIn, and the aftermath of the SolarWinds attack. Plus, we dig deeper into what data scraping is (and why it matters for regulators and... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 58 - March 2021

Issue 58, March 2021: A look at what’s trending, including vaccine passports, cyber diplomacy in action, and new ambitions for tech supremacy. We delve deep into the public rift among Big Tech, the case of Clearview AI and regulatory approaches to facial recognition technology, and a look at what... (See more)

Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 57 - February 2021

Issue 57, February 2021: What was trending this month? Australia’s new media bargaining code, and the way it tackled Big Tech, has caught the eye of many governments; gig workers are undoubtedly indispensable, but not protected enough; the idea of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has gained... (See more)