Emerging technologies

We live in an era of fast technological progress, with new digital devices, applications, and tools being developed almost on a daily basis. 3D printing, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), biotechnology, and quantum technology are some of the most rapidly advancing areas, with many implications for society. 

How is 3D printing impacting current manufacturing business models and what consequences does it have for the future of work? Is AR an opportunity to improve the provision of education, especially in remote areas? And what are the ethical boundaries within which biotechnology should operate? These are some of the policy questions linked to these emerging technologies. 

Our Experts

Ms Sorina Teleanu

Independent consultant

Ms Sorina Teleanu is an independent consultant with expertise in Internet governance and digital policy. Sorina previously worked with DiploFoundation as Digital Policy Senior Researcher, and with the Romanian Parliament, as advisor dealing with ICT-related legislation and policies.