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The document reviews ‘the progress achieved and challenges encountered in the implementation’ of General Assembly resolution 71/243. This resolution provided guidance ‘on the quadrennial comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development’, to enchance ‘the system’s coherence, effectiveness and efficiency to address the full range of development challenges of our time, as set out in the 2030 Agenda’. Fundamentally, this document focuses on the SDGs and calls for ‘a bold rethinking of the United Nations development system to ensure that it is fit to support Member States’ efforts in pursuit of sustainable development’. The report shows a mixed picture of the progress of UN Development System and process of tackling the SDGs. It recognizes that a whole-of-system response is required, as current data evidence shows how ‘the United Nations development system continues to struggle to deliver a coherent response around collective results’. A range of topics is addressed in the document:

- Aligning the UN development system to the 2030 Agenda (rather than Millennium Development Goals).

- Funding of UN operation activities for development.

- Enabling programme countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

- Improving the functioning of the United Nations development system.

- Enhancing the effectiveness of the United Nations development system.