Evolution of the GIP Digital Watch observatory


February 1996:  Dr Jovan Kurbalija, director of DiploFoundation, introduced the five-basket methodology of ICT Policy for the first Commonwealth Course on ICT Policy. This included technical infrastructure, legal, economic, development and sociocultural baskets.

September 2002: The first manual on ICT and Diplomacy, to help diplomats follow the WSIS Process, was published.

November 2002: The first IG Observatory, the Information Society Governance Portal, was launched by DiploFoundation (see archived version).  

April - November 2003: The five-basket methodology was used as the foundation for DiploFoundation's first Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme, which concluded with the active engagement of participants at the WSIS in Geneva (November 2003).

March 2004: The first visualisation of the IG taxonomy was published as the Information Society – Building under Construction illustration.

September 2004: The first edition of the book An Introduction to Internet Governance was published, containing an elaboration of five-basket methodology.

March 2010: IGpedia, an observatory with hundreds of instruments, actors and other resources was born. It is currently used as an information clearinghouse for the the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

November 2014: Two new baskets (security and human rights) were added to the five-basket taxonomy. A new version of the illustration IG Building under Construction was published.

May 2015 – The new seven-basket methodology inspired the UN CSTD Report on Mapping of International Internet Public Policy Issues, which was prepared with the participation of Dr Jovan Kurbalija.


Last phase of the preparation of the GIP Digital Watch (2014-2015)


November 2014 – February 2015: Final conceptualisation of the new GIP Digital Watch observatory took place, with the design of the data model, the selection of a platform, and the integration of qualitative and quantitative data.  The new concept is illustrated here.



February – May 2015: The dynamic development of the alpha version of the GIP Digital Watch observatory and the upload of DiploFoundation’s Internet governance resources (IGpedia, books and other materials) took place. The development team kept a Creative Diary, recording some of their developmental dilemmas:

June – September 2015: Development of the beta version of the GIP Digital Watch observatory took place.



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