The first talk in a series of webinars titled Water and Cybersecurity - How to protect this essential resource from online threats will take place online on 21 April 2021.

This event is organised by the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University in Ljubljana, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia and Microsoft that will host a series of webinars investigating how to protect critical infrastructure online. The series will launch with a discussion on protecting water as an essential human resource. Topics covered will include cyberattacks on water or wastewater utilities that can cause significant harm such as disrupted treatment and conveyance processes by opening and closing valves, overriding alarms or disabling pumps or other equipment; defacing the utility’s website or compromising the email system; stealing customers’ personal data or credit card information; and installation of malicious programs like ransomware, which can disable business enterprise or process control operations.

Registration is available on the official event webpage.