Stockholm Internet Forum

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Stockholm Internet Forum on Internet Freedom for Global Development sumaries (including video and Storify reports) are now online.

In the media: The Hurriyet Daily News  (excerpt) "Some 450 participants from around 90 countries have gathered in Stockholm to attend the third Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), where freedom and openness on the Internet to promote human rights and development across the world was discussed. The SIF is considered to be a unique forum for discussion about the relationship between technological and social development, and this year’s theme was 'integrity, transparency, surveillance and control'.” 

Agenda – Stockholm Internet Forum 2014

See the detailed #SIF14 agenda online or see the summary below.

Session summaries including video and Storify reports:

Opening session

Main session 1

Parallell session 1.1

Parallell session 1.2

Parallell session 1.3

Main session 2

Parallell session 2.1

Parallell session 2.2

Parallell session 2.3

Wrap-up session


Complete Twitter Feed #SIF14


Summary Agenda

26 May


Reception at City Hall (hosted by the City of Stockholm)
Speaker: Minister for International Development Cooperation, Hillevi Engström


27 May

09.00–09.15 Opening Address


Opening session
State of Play in the Year of Infinite Meetings and Processes


Main session 1
Privacy for civil society and business: managing data collection

12.15–13.45 Lunch/mingle

Parallel session 1.1
Big Data: taking privacy and data protection seriously


Parallel session 1.2 (in cooperation with A4AI)
Affordable, equal access: how to get the last billion online


Parallel session 1.3 (in cooperation with Citizen Lab)
Building transnational epistemic communities around cyber security

15.00–15.30 Coffee break
15.30–16.30 Unconference 1
16.30–17.00 Mingle, relocating
17.00–18.00 Unconference 2
18.00–22.00 Dinner at Magasinet (hosted by Google)


28 May


Main session 2
Freedom from fear on the internet is possible: applying rule of law online

10.15–10.45  Coffee break

Parallel session 2.1
‘No trade-off’: reconciling privacy and security for global growth and economic development


Parallel session 2.2
Inclusive internet governance


Parallel session 2.3
Limited internet privacy: what are the effects on democracy and development?

12.00–13.30 Lunch/mingle

Keynote Speech
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt


Wrap-up session
Summing up SIF14 and mapping the road ahead.



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