Fake News: The Role of Confirmation Bias in a Post-truth World

Geneva, Switzerland

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies will organise an event on 'Fake news: the role of confirmation bias in a post-truth world', on 14 June 2017, between 18.30 and 20.00 CEST, in Geneva. 

During the event, discussions will be held on the role confirmation bias plays in how we interpret news and information and the potential consequences with this. Questions to be explored include:

  • Is what we are witnessing today anything new?
  • Why do we believe what we want to believe, and is there such a thing as ‘the truth’?
  • Has the rise and resonance of ‘fake news’ been enabled by increasing numbers of real media outlets vying for attention with headlines and articles that push the boundaries of journalistic norms?
  • Where could all this lead, is this somewhere we want to go? If not, what can we and what should we do about it?

For more information, visit the event webpage.

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