European Media Literacy Week 2019

18 Mar 2019 to 22 Mar 2019
Brussels, Belgium

The European Media Literacy Week is an initiative by the European Commission meant to stress the importance of media literacy and promote media literacy initiatives and projects across the EU. The European Media Literacy Week 2019 will take place on 18-22 March, and it will feature various events on media literacy in Brussels and in the EU member states. The European Media Literacy Week aims to raise awareness on the importance of media literacy across the EU and to highlight different existing initiatives, in particular those at the regional and national level.

Moreover, on 19 March, a high-level conference will be held in Brussels. It will represent the main public event at the EU-level, hosted by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel. It will bring together experts from the public and private sector from across the EU to debate the role of public authorities and different stakeholders in promoting media literacy. 

For more information about the event, visit the dedicated webpage.


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18 Mar 2019 - 14:15
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