Zurich, Switzerland

The Cybersecurity and Cyberconflict: State of the Art Research Conference will be held on 27–29 September 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Organised by the Center for Security Studies of ETH Zurich, the conference will bring together 25–35 researchers specialised in the strategic (mis)use of cyberspace by state and non-state actors, and in analysing the related governance challenges. 

Participants are expected to present papers, discuss how power relationships between political actors are affected, how cyberspace shapes our understanding of 'old' strategic concepts such as deterrence and coercion, where their limits are, and how to understand the types of (inter)national norms that have emerged over the years. There will also be analysis of how cyber insecurity affects the roles and political opportunities of small and medium states, and those of semi and non-state actors.

For more information, visit the event webpage.