CloudWATCH Europe 2017

19 Sep 2017 to 20 Sep 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands

CloudWATCH Europe 2017 will take place on 19–20 September 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event is being jointly organised by the CloudWATCH2 consortium, which includes Trust-IT Services, University of Oxford e-Research Centre, Cloud Security Alliance EMEA, Strategic Blue, and ICT Legal Consulting.

The event will bring together, inter alia, policymakers, SMEs, industry players, researchers, specialists, and start-ups to understand how cloud computing serves as an enabler of innovation, growth, and jobs in the EU Digital Single Market. The event consists of highly focused themes including:

  • Trust and transparent cloud services for innovation and growth in Europe
  • The business case for the adoption of cloud standards
  • How to get the best out of your technology innovations
  • Managing risk in the cloud
  • Becoming legally compliant using CloudWATCH2 legal guides
  • Enabling the next wave of innovation
  • Driving cloud adoption for all of Europe

A call to sumbit posters to the event is open until 12 September 2017. For more information, visit the event website.






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