Big Data Analytics (BDA) Europe

8 Mar 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The third annual Big Data Analytics (BDA) Europe conference will take place on 8 March 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference is being organised by Whitehall Media.

BDA Europe will gather hundreds of leading innovators, thought-leaders, and executive professionals to discuss and impart insights on how to integrate, understand, manage, and govern big data. The conference is intended to help participants gain insights into how to galvanise and leverage data for competitive advantage.

More than 500 attendees from over 350 companies are expected to attend. Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • making business sense of big data
  • turning data into new visibility and business intelligence
  • utilising predictive analytics for impactful action
  • data science and disruptive emerging trends 
  • managing and implementing a secure and scalable big data architecture
  • cultural change and organisational adoption of data
  • governance and regulation

Registration for the conference is open. For more information, please visit the event website.


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