Australian Internet Governance Forum

11 Oct 2016 to 12 Oct 2016
Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Internet Governance Forum (AuIGF) will hold its annual meeting on 11-12 October 2016, in Melbourne. The forum will bring together individuals, community groups, industry leaders, government representatives, academics, students, and other Internet users, to discuss Internet-related issues in Australia.

Developed by auDA (.au Domain Administration Ltd), the auIGF provides a unique opportunity for all who use the Internet in Australia to share ideas and experiences, discuss Internet-related policy, identify issues and engage with each other in a multi-stakeholder forum.

Under the overarching theme 'A focus on a competitive, digital future for Australia', AuIGF 2016 will feature discussions on issues such as: cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, getting girls into STEM, digital economy, digital inclusion, consumer protection, digital rights, and child safety online.

For more information, visit the forum website.


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