29 Nov 2018 to 30 Nov 2018
Kind Fahd Palace Hotel
Dakar, Senegal

'AFRICOMM 2018 - 10th European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) International Conference on E‐infrastructure and E‐services for Developing Countries' will take place on 29-30 November in Dakar, Senegal. Endorsed by the EAI, a community-based organisation devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT, the event will represent a regional platform for discussion. Topics covered will include:

  • Cloud computing, network function virtualisation (NFV) in the context of developing countries
  • Design and analysis of protocols and architecture for developing countries
  • Energy-aware ICT infrastructure 
  • Existing/emerging wireless broadband access technologies, WiMAX, LTE. ICT security issues in developing countries
  • Overlay networks (p2p, bittorent, etc) in developing countries
  • Self-managed deployment, operation, maintenance
  • Affordable and relevant mobile technologies and solutions
  • Innovative blockchain appliances for developing countries
  • ICT infrastructures for critical environmental conditions
  • ICT infrastructures based on alternative energies
  • Ubiquitous networks and environments
  • IoT
  • Smart cities
  • Social networks and e-government
  • Emergency and disaster management


For more information about the event, visit the dedicated webpage.


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