2016 ICT4D Conference: From Innovation to Impact

16 May 2016 to 19 May 2016
Nairobi, Kenya

This year's ICT4D Conference - From Innovation to Impact - will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 16-19 May. The conference brings together thought leaders and experienced professionals from around the world to share and explore ways of using ICT to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Attendees include executives, senior staff, and thought leaders from organisations committed to achieving the SDGs and interested in how ICT can enable the changes needed to do so. Our audience includes governmental organisations, local and international NGOs, foundations, development banks, multilateral organisations, academic and research institutions, financial institutions, technology companies, and private sector businesses.

How to get involved: Apply now to become a conference sponsor, speaker, exhibitor or enter the conference challenge.

For more information, visit the conference website.



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