Leaders TalkX: The Connectivity Imperative: Laying the Foundation for Inclusive Information Access

27 May 2024 15:00h - 15:30h

According to ITU Facts and Figures 2023, the number of people worldwide without Internet access dropped to an estimated 2.6 billion, while 67% (5.4 billion) are now online.

However, despite this progress, 33% of the global population remains unconnected, emphasizing the crucial need to accelerate efforts to bring digital benefits to all people around the globe.

Internet connectivity is growing fastest in low-income nations, yet less than one-third of individuals in these countries are online. Achieving universal, meaningful connectivity by 2030 demands addressing infrastructure, affordability, and skills.

This session emphasizes the pivotal role of infrastructure in digital inclusion and advocates governmental support for ICT investment to ensure everyone benefits from digital technology, enabling safe, enriching online experiences for all.