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London Action Plan


The London Action Plan (LAP) is a framework for international cooperation in enforcing spam-related legislation and addressing similar cyber-challenges such as online fraud, malware, phishing and dissemination of viruses.

The LAP was launched in 2004, when public authorities from 27 countries met in London to discuss about modalities for international cooperation in the fight against spam. It now brings together regulators, law enforcement agencies and consumers and data protection authorities from 28 countries, as well as industry participants such as Telefonica, Microsoft EMEA, Nominet, Verizon, etc.

Members of the initiative have annual meetings and bimonthly teleconferences to exchange information and discuss about issues related to regulation and enforcement in the areas of spam and other related online threats. They are guided in these activities by the Action Plan adopted at the 2004 meeting, according to which:

  • governments and public agencies are to 'use their best efforts [...] to develop better international spam enforcement cooperation';
  • private sector representatives are to 'use their best efforts to develop public-private partnerships against spam'.


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