Private: UN Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

Strategies and Action Plans

Author: United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

The UN Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, proposed by the UN Secretary-General, lays out a roadmap for all stakeholders, be it governments, private sector actors, civil society, international organisations, or academic institutions, to play a role in the advancement of a safe and equitable digital world. The Roadmap highlights 8 key areas for action:

  1. Achieving universal connectivity by 2030
  2. Promoting digital public goods to create a more equitable world
  3. Ensuring digital inclusion for all, including the most vulnerable
  4. Strengthening digital capacity-building
  5. Ensuring the protection of human rights in the digital era
  6. Supporting global cooperation on artificial intelligence
  7. Promoting trust and security in the digital environment
  8. Building a more effective architecture for digital cooperation

For reflection and detailed analysis, you can consult the text UN Digital Roadmap: The realistic acceleration of digital cooperation.